Zen Zone

Semi-Private Acupuncture Treatments

Receive a treatment in our Zen Zone

Welcome to our Zen Zone!  Six comfy reclining chairs separated by bamboo screens. Each zone is 6 feet apart to maintain safe distancing and privacy.  We offer blankets and eye pillows for the ultimate Zen experience.

In this peaceful environment you will receive acupuncture in a comfortable recliner. Acupuncture channels (or meridians) flow across the entire body; it is therefore possible to treat all conditions in this comfortable manner.  Depending on your symptoms, acupuncture needles may be placed in your feet, lower legs, hands and arms, neck/shoulder, chest, abdomen, face, scalp and ears.

Acupuncture treatments are tailor-made to address your specific wellness goals and the sessions are typically 30-60 minutes depending on your schedule and specific needs.

Ready to see what Acupuncture can do for your body-mind-spirit?